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01. The Game


Teams compete in 3 rounds of game show fun with unique brain challenges that go well beyond Googling.  Photos as answers.  Puzzles with timers.  Would you rathers?  All to be completed before the time runs out. Between rounds, earn bonus points and get a glimpse of the leaderboard to fuel that competitive fire.  Fast-paced, competitive fun, with custom options too!


Can your team pull off this epic casino heist?

Think you’re smart enough to take down Big Al, the most notorious gambling kingpin? In The Big Escape, the third game in our escape-style game series, your team will work with local casino characters to solve puzzles and riddles and beat this crooked casino boss once and for all!

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02. Gameday

On game day, our MC welcomes your group and walks them through the rules of the game. Our zoom master then breaks participants into teams where they will begin completing challenges using the Social Scavenger web software. With only 12 minutes for each round, teams must work quickly and accurately through the challenges to end up on top! After each round, teams are brought back to the main room for fun bonus challenges and a leaderboard update.  Beyond our fun and challenging trivia questions, our trivia game is highly customizable, both in the game and between rounds. You can incorporate up to 2 custom trivia questions per round about your organization, people or culture in addition to extras like guest hosts, prizes and more! 

03. When the Clock Runs out…. 

All players will be brought back to our main room one last time where you’ll discover the fun isn’t over yet.  Voting on bonus rounds, a walkthrough of your custom challenges and the winner’s ceremony - all part of an amazing wrap up that brings the event together. 

Setting up your Virtual Game

Once you book a game, you’ll work with a game producer who will take you through the game-day logistics to ensure everything runs smoothly on your big day.  We typically host on Zoom but are happy to work with Microsoft Teams, Hangouts or other platforms. Post-game, we can provide souvenir posters and even videos! Want a more budget-friendly option? Consider our new self-hosted game option which can save you up to 60% off our professionally-hosted games. Get in touch with a producer today to find out more. 


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Q: How long do we need?

A:  Normally we book 60 or 90 minute events.  If you require something shorter ask about our other games.

Q:  Can we customize the game?

A:  We have an epic escape game you can customize, but this isn't it.  This game is ready to go - give it a shot!

A:  Our team takes care of everything.  You'll just communicate with your group, take all the credit and look like a hero - and yes, you can play too!

Q:  How much work is it for me (the one booking this)?

A:  The prize is winning - trust us when we say people get competitive about these!

Q: What about prizes?

A:  YES!  Unlike 'real world' escape games we don't leave you stuck.  You can use as many hints as you want, you'll just burn through points a little faster.   All that said - we have lots of other great games too!

Q:  I hate escape games in the real world, should I play!? 

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