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We have been in the game business a long time!  Our team has designed a series of virtual events with one purpose in mind - engaging your remote group in a fun and meaningful way. All of our events are unique, can be customized and most importantly - are loved by teams around the world (average rating of 4.7 out of 5).   Our professional game producers, hosts and facilitators are ready when you are - let's play!

How it Works 

Step 1 - Choose a game 
Speak to a game producer to determine which game is best for your group.

Step 2 - Meet your game producer
A game producer makes your life easy, from Zoom vs. Teams to customizations - we make life easy.

Step 3 - Get your group ready for some fun!   
Your players will want to attend this experience!  Each game has a unique flair - we'll help you promote it.

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Who Kidnapped Your Boss

Your Boss has been kidnapped!  5 members of your organization are on the top of our suspect list.  Breaking out into case squads, teams will have 50 minutes to work through a series of riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges to unlock 5 suspect statements.   With those statements revealed can your team win the day and save the boss? 

Not ready to go fully custom?  No problem, play "Who Kidnapped Michael Scott?"

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Great Scott!

Biff has stolen the Delorean and he's wreaking havoc on the time continuum.  Your team must travel through the decades and save pop culture as we know it, all before time runs out.  Visit the 80s,90s,00s,10s etc. and decode puzzles, crack codes and submit photos and videos that may just stop Biff.  Knowledge about your favorite decade may just help save pop culture as you once knew it. 

Pop culture knowledge not required - but a bonus!    


Game Style:  Escape style game + 

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60 or 90 Minutes

Perfect for competitive, fast paced fun, laughs and chaos!

4-8 per team (250 Per Game Room Max) 

Where in the World Is the Crystal Snow Globe

Travel the world and visit some of your favorite destinations while encountering a series of quirky and unique invididuals who have suddenly achieved great success.  Have they been using the Snow Globe to cheat their way to the top and can they point you to its whereabouts?   When time runs out your host will reveal who came out on top and of course who took the funniest photos. 

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Scavenger Hunt from Home

TEAM EDITION: This one of a kind Scavenger Hunt is specifically designed to be played as a virtual team - together on screen.  Capture photos and videos of hidden talents, shared book collections, and so much more.  Described as "not a Scavenger Hunt at all" a huge variety of challenges will have teams laughing, learning and of course competing for the title of champion!

COMPANY (FAMILY) TOURNAMENT:  Give your employees the gift of competition.  We'll set up and even host a tournament that can be played by your employees families / bubble that gives them something awesome to do together.  Wrapped up in video awards and highlight reels. 

CITY EDITION:  Ready to get back out in a Socially safe way?  Our drive-thru Scavenger Hunt is a classic from the olden days (early 2020).  Let us know. 

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Thinking of heading back outside? A team based Scavenger Hunt or Amazing Race around a city (or many cities at once) is going to be one of the safest and most fun ways to get back out with your team.  Let's talk. 

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Game Style:  Scavenger hunt 

Perfect for creating amazing team connections with classic 'moments' they won't soon forget

3-7 per team (300 Max) 

60, 90 or 120 minutes 

Scavenger Hunt Olympics

Is your team competitive, fun and looking to connect?  Book the ultimate international athletic showdown.  Played virtually, teams compete in a series of epic Olympic themed challenges, laughing, learning and connecting along the way.  We have both Summer and Winter Olympics (available seasonally) so no matter the time of year we are ready to compete.

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Hybrid Hunts 

If you are getting some people together (be it at the office, the city or elsewhere) and yet others just can't get in (or now work 100% remotely) we can still connect them together by running our city hunt and hunt from home in unison.  Reach out and learn more about our hybrid programs. 

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Player rating: 4.7 out of 5

97% rated 4 stars or higher

Super fun, like an Escape room!

- PepsiCo (Who Kidnapped)

You guys totally made fetch happen!

- Coffee Meets Bagel (Great Scott!)

Fun & Innovative - Play it!

- Netflix (Who Kidnapped)

One of my favourite work events - EVER!

- Fandom (Great Scott!)

Great activity for building team spirit!

- Microsoft (Who Kidnapped)

Fasten your seatbelt!

- PWC (Great Scott!)



Team Trivia - A Gameshow Event

Teams compete in 3 rounds of game show fun with unique brain challenges that go well beyond Googling.  Photos as answers.  Puzzles with timers.  Would you rather?  All to be completed before the time runs out. Between rounds, earn bonus points and get a glimpse of the leaderboard to fuel that competitive fire.  fast-paced, competitive fun. 

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Battle Trivia

3 fun filled rounds - each round has a winner (podium) - ensuring no individual is ever left out of it.  This game is played individually in a massive head to head battle, great for very large events and hyper competitive teams.  Scores can be combined for overall ‘team’ winners. Hosted, funny & customizable.   

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The Feud

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Game Style:  Game shows 

Highly competitive, MC jokes included, customizable, many winners, custom categories, great for company or client events

Varies per game

30, 60 or 90 minutes

The Feud is a classic game for groups of 16 or fewer.  Large groups can play an alternate game called "Mega Feud".  If you are familiar with the hit television show, this standard version will feel right at home.  The classic X strikes when ridiculous answers are shouted out under time pressure.  The huddling together to steal points.   

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