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01. The Game


Santa has been kidnapped and we have a holly jolly list of likely suspects. You’ll recognize some of the most noteworthy holiday villains from Hans Gruber to Harry & Marv at the top of the list. Breaking out into case squads, teams must race against the clock to work through a series of holiday-themed riddles, puzzles and multimedia challenges; unlocking the information needed to try and save Santa before it’s too late!  


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An Escape Style Game...

to Save the Holidays

No Santa?  No Presents?  The end of commercialism as we know it?  We can't have it!  Get your team ready for the virtual escape style adventure of a lifetime.  

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02. Gameday

On game day our MC will take teams through the background story, break down the rules and send them into teams to crack the case using the Social Scavenger web software.  With only 45 minutes teams will have to decide when to use hints to advance them in the game. The one catch...hints cost valuable points needed to win the game. Beyond puzzles, you’ll be dealing with trivia and media challenges (yes - surprise holiday-themed photos and videos) will make for a great wrap up.

03. When the Clock Runs out…. 

All players will be brought back to our main room where you’ll discover the fun isn’t over yet.  As part of an epic wrap up we’ll have voting on bonus rounds, a walkthrough of your custom challenges, a ‘best of media’ reel, and of course the big reveal to find out who won...and who kidnapped Santa (if any of your group figured it out that is)! 

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Our Suspects Await You

"You know my name but who are you? Just another American who saw too many movies as a child? Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne?"

- Hans G.


Q:  How long is the event?

A:  The full event runs 90 minutes.  Part of that is together (start and end) and the rest is game time in teams.

Q:  How much work is it for me (the one booking this)?

A:  Very little.  Your game producer will make everything easy breezy.  

Q:  Can event organizers play?

A:  100% you can play!  Our hosts and facilitators take care of everything on game day so you are free to join the game as a player and have just as much fun as the team.

Q:  What are media challenges? 

A:  Our origins are in photo and video based challenge games so we’ve found some really fun ways to bring ‘media’ into the game.  Media challenges are presented back to the group as a great way to experience what other teams did.  They are private to you. 

Q: What about prizes?

A:  Another question is, how competitive is this game?  Your group will be very competitive and we find winning is enough. Though it’s the holidays, so if you want to add in some prizes just let us know.